A Romantic Evening at Home for this Craft-a-holic

Defining Romance

Defining Romance

It’s Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year – according to Hallmark and florists everywhere….right? So,  what was I thinking when my wonderful husband came home from work planning to take me out to dinner and my request was to spend a quiet evening at home? AM I NUTS!?!?  Have you ever looked up the definition of romance?  According to www.dictionary.com, romance is displaying or expressing love. Okay, I am at a stage in my life when nothing says romance like a quiet evening at home with my family. I am so fortunate that my husband knows and accepts that I am a homebody!


By the way, my sweetie did quietly exit when I started watching romantic movies on T.V. (definition: fanciful, impractical, unrealistic) Ha!

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