How I A’door’ Thee

What is it with me and doors? Apparently, I have some sort of door fetish. When my boys were small, I constantly found myself wiping them down with my Armour-All to clear away the dirty hand prints. Often, they were haphazardly left open because the freedom of the great outdoors was so inviting that the boys forgot my “we don’t live in a barn speech”.

It seems like we are always on the outside impatiently waiting to be let in….or on the inside anxious to escape. The obstacle in between is the door.

Front Door

I have painted them, decorated them, and weather-stripped around them to maintain functionality.

Pantry Door

I have replaced them with ‘trash to treasure’ finds that are full of unspoken history and character.

Door Art/Decore

I have used them as a piece of art strategically placed to display dried flower arrangements.

The alarming thing is that I have four doors in the garage…..just laying around waiting – blank canvases ready to be rediscovered!

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” – Flora Whittemore

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