My Soap Box

Gifts, treasures, presents……GOTTA LOVE ‘EM! Last Monday, I was pleasantly surprised by a gift I received. It wasn’t my birthday or anniversary! As a matter of fact, I can’t think of anything exceptionally special about that day. It was icy – but lately that  has become such a common occurrence  I can’t even say that freezing weather in Texas is a special event.

The present? It was a box. Most commonly used as a container to keep a gift secure. Sometimes, we forget to view the box itself as the treasure.

"One Man's Trash is Another Woman's Treasure"

“One Man’s Trash is Another Woman’s Treasure”

Okay – I failed to mention that it was a ‘soap box’! But notice, I am not standing on my ‘soap box’ nor do I plan to  stand on it (I try really hard to keep all of my personal opinions to myself).

 As of right now, I am leaving my ‘soap box’ at the front door.

Caution – don’t make take a stand and get up on my ‘soap box’!

Here are some additional ‘box treasures’ I have received:

Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life


Old Bottles and Greenery

Old Bottles and Greenery

Maybe someday I will transform my ‘soap box’ like I  have to the treasures pictured above, but for right now I think it is perfect just the way it is…..

What are you thoughts?



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