Why Can’t I Leave Well Enough Alone?

I am sure that there were meant to be some additional commandments. One of them being “Thou Shalt Leave Well Enough Alone” – those of us that break that commandment are stricken with an incurable disease known as ‘The What Ifs ’.

The symptoms of ‘The What Ifs’ wake unsuspecting victims  in the middle of the night —-

What if I were to stencil numbers on my card table chairs?IMG_0632

The symptoms will also cause its victims to repaint a perfectly good piece of furniture——–


I can envision this piece in  brown, black, or maybe even a teal blue?


The spouse will mutter incessantly under his breath, because your ‘What Ifs’ are about to push him over the edge!

“Honey, I think that it is time to redo the furniture in the bedroom – also, I have some ideas for the master bathroom!”

Fortunately, he takes that whole, ‘in sickness and in health thing’ seriously!

It is just a horrible burden to bear for those of us that can’t leave well enough alone! And, God Bless those that stand by and support us through the symptoms of  ‘The What Ifs’.IMG_0666

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