We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Weekend For C – A – K – E – S

Creatively displayed

Appetizing to taste

Kept fresh for events

Entirely edible

Serving  is simple

I am by no means a poet (I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to spell that out for you as you have already viewed the acrostic above) but let me just tell you that my head is swimming with upcoming cake orders; therefore, I have found myself singing about cakes, writing cake related poetry, envisioning new cake creations, and purchasing cake scented candles……On the flip side, my kitchen cabinets are coated in powdered sugar, my eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep,  my feet are throbbing, and my muscles are aching. June has arrived – the month of weddings, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, and other various summertime celebrations!IMG_0905



Crazy, crazy week with all of the cake orders….I think that I met myself coming or going, not sure which! Anyway, this week I have no orders so I have been crafting up a storm after work. I finally have pictures of the armoir I refinished and I found some beautiful doilies to display behind an old window frame that I have repainted.

IMG_0914                                             IMG_0913

Thank you Tish for helping me find all of these precious doilies …..unfortunately, my husband has told me that I cannot go shopping with you anymore because you manage to find all of the bargains which, of course, I have to buy! I am not really a math person, but I think that when you end up buying all of the bargains (when you really don’t need them), you end up in more trouble than when you just buy one thing at regular price….. and that is my lesson in fiscal responsibility for the month!

With Love,


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