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The Day it Felt like Christmas in April

Yesterday afternoon, I was pacing around my living room just like a child waiting with anticipation to open Santa’s mystery gift on Christmas morning. I had been tracking a package from Macedon, New York since early last week and I knew that it was scheduled to arrive as it had  been posted  “out for delivery” at 6:38 am. The difference between the mystery gift from Santa and the cardboard box that I was receiving via UPS was that I knew exactly what was inside! I had ordered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Trish at Okay, normally when you order from a company, the box is simply cardboard filled with Styrofoam peanuts and the labels are all strategically placed on the top for the mailing address, weight, and postage. Trish and Dianne gave me the royal treatment! They wrote silly quotes all over the outside of my box, gave me a free Annie Sloan color chart, and included  a personal thank you note. Now that is customer service!

So, what is a creative gal to do now? Keep calm and paint on! Thanks, Painted Purple Lady for brightening up my day!

Bookcase“I will stop doing things the same old way just because I like to play it safe. I will be daring and courageous and refuse to allow fear to control my actions.”


Starting Over


I am wrapping up my twenty-ninth year in education…. Wow – 29! Now, it is time for me to take on some new challenges as I get ready for retirement. Retirement, retirement, retirement….”the act of leaving one’s job, career, or occupation permanently, usually because of age”. Did you catch that last word? AGE  – no matter how you look at it or say it, it just isn’t pretty. Therefore, I am simply ‘starting over’. I have been wanting to spend more time blogging about my creative endeavors. As I continue planning for the ‘starting over’ phase of my life, I am venturing out and trying some new projects at home that I will be sharing with you along the way. Oh, and shhhhhh! We will not be using that word with the horrible connotation again, because I am not old!



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