Taking Care of P’s and Q’s

It has been forever (okay 2 years) since I have added a post. It seems like forever because so much has happened in my life in just two short years and as I am attempting to add this post, I am contemplating whether or not I can learn the new features on this site . When I received notification from my blogging account about updating my payment information, I debated about whether or not to follow through on a new contract. After all, I have not been adding posts – it is like those unread newspapers that pile up by the front door – you pay for the subscription with the best of intentions and then the obstacles of life gets in the way. However, I love writing and after going back and revisiting my previous posts, I feel like I need this for myself. I read through documented memories that I had forgotten – so here I go again.

By the way – the ‘P’ in my title stands for my first name and the ‘Q’ stands for quilts. Lately, I have taken up quilting –  the very, basic beginning stages of quilting. There is something about selecting and piecing together fabrics to tell a story that I am infatuated with.

So – here I go – taking the plunge and blogging again!






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