A Central Texas Snowday? Not…..

You have to realize that in central Texas snowdays are virtually random, surprise holidays that only happen every couple of years. The only thing that I can compare it to is Leap Year – except that is not a holiday! I think that the odds of winning the lottery are better than getting a snowday in central Texas. Well, today we hit the jackpot – the winning numbers, the powerball! No, it didn’t snow, but it is rainy and cool and it is a Saturday in spring! We have an excuse to stay home, stay inside, and avoid yardwork!!!!! It even looks like dusk outside which means there is no end in sight for this dreary, rainy day (weather in our area can be deceptive as it can rain for an hour then be bright and sunny the next hour – a meteorologist’s nightmare, I’m sure).

Maybe an unplanned nap is in my future, but for now, I will SEW! I will celebrate this unexpected holiday by sewing – and I am in my happy place! I will live life to the fullest on this beautiful, dark, and dreary day!


Hoppy Easter – Appliqued Kitchen Towels!

Hope your Saturday is special too!


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