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It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

This morning,  my husband and I took our two male dogs to be neutered. It is interesting here to note the differences between the male and female perspectives. Yesterday and early this morning, my husband could be found in different locations of the house talking softly to each one of them. What was he saying? Was he reassuring them that he wouldn’t think they were any less masculine post surgery? I, on the other hand, went about my business and secretly did a happy dance at the thought that there will be no more leg lifting at my household.

Then today, when we were visiting with the vet, she told us that they would need to stay overnight for observation. WHAT – they have never slept away from home before! My husband had to reassure me that they would be okay……after he reassured the vet that I would be okay! She gave me two business cards so that I could reach her at any time to check on them while my husband gently led me away to my car.

I called my husband this afternoon during my lunch  to see if he had heard any updates. I could hear the sound of the television in the background which definitely made me suspicious – I bet he was relaxing without a worry in the world. He told me that the vet had called and that they were doing just fine. Then he proceeded to tell me that our Shi-Tzu has an infection in his jaw and a hernia which needed to be surgically taken care of as well.  Soooo, I asked him again if he was sure that they were okay! He says to me –  “well, I didn’t talk to them!” Hmmmm – so he has full scale conversations with them before the surgery about this word ‘neutering’ that they have never even heard of, but when they are away from home and in pain he doesn’t even ask to speak to them so he can comfort them…. Men!?!?!?Grrrr!

IMG_0319 281


(Our two little patients – these photos were taken on much happier days)


I couldn’t resist sharing this picture – it was on Facebook along with the quote, “It has definitely been a two ponytail kind of day!”   —- 

With Love,