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A Lesson in German

Happy, happy Palm Sunday! Here in Texas, spring is in full bloom and Mother Nature is really working overtime as we are expecting some severe weather – yet again.

We have this beautiful piece of dark walnut furniture from Germany that my mother-in-law gave to us. It is actually called a Kuchenschrank, or Schrank (pronounced Shrunk). It  simply means cabinet, but there is nothing simple about it. It is fairly ornate and it takes up my entire dining room wall. I won’t even repeat the words that my husband used when we were moving that thing into the house twelve years ago. We both agreed that we would never move again, just because of the inconvenience of dealing with that one piece of furniture.

It is so dark and overpowering that it really has been in need of some updating. I knew that I didn’t want  to paint it, but I have been putting a lot of thought into sprucing it up with some pops of color. Everything else around me is so springy-looking and splashed with shades of  blues and greens.

light bulb My idea – find a light, spring colored fabric to work with and use it as a canvas for my dishes and keepsakes!





I found this fabric at Walmart and purchased four yards of it.









This thing can also be quite a dust collector! I did feel a huge sense of accomplishment after I dusted it all and washed all of the glassware….







I used quilt basting spray to adhere the fabric to the wood. That is some great stuff! It is not  permanent at all so if I get tired of the fabric or want to go back to the original wood, it is noooo problemo!







IMG_0804                                               IMG_0805



IMG_0787                                                      IMG_0792


I really like the way that it turned out. My husband usually just rolls his eyes at me when I start a new project, but that man of many words actually said, “Wow”!






I even had enough fabric left over to make a couple of pillows! Whooo-hoooo!


With Love,