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Moments Quickly Pass…Memories Last

As human beings, it seems as if we are always in the process of planning for the next event. One milestone passes and we begin anticipating the next. Yesterday, as I was going through the motions of cleaning up the kitchen (erasing the residual from the events of the previous week)  I was mentally reflecting on the passing of those events.  What things went well? What things could I have improved on? I guess that some people might refer to this as ‘beating a dead horse’.

I love to revisit my memories of events because so many times I  succumb to the busyness of everything and I miss the opportunity to share in others’  feelings and emotions. This past weekend, my event was a bridal shower for a good friend’s daughter. Luckily, one of the hostesses (another good friend) loves to do photography and she took pictures throughout the afternoon. It was a very special day!


This week will be full of different challenges – new events to plan and prepare for. I guess the memory of the shower will need to be filed away in my mind for the time-being.

                                                                                                                             With Love,