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We Don’t Know Them, Yet We Owe Them

It is Memorial Day weekend, and many people are travelling to visit family or jump-starting summer by spending time at the lake or the beach. My husband and I weren’t able to get away because of our work schedules but we did decide to spend some time out on the deck do some grilling. I must admit, I do love the smell of the grill  heating up. The smoky scent blends so well with the smell of freshly cut grass and citronella. Once the heat of the day has worn off, I really enjoy sitting outside watching the plumes of smoke from the grill curl around the shrubs that surround  our deck before they finally ascend and fade into the sky. In central Texas, it is pretty customary to use the grill three to four times per week about ten months out of the year. However, this year has been a bit unusual for us because we have had record amounts of rainfall. I do have the grill strategically placed on the deck so I can use it without getting wet, I just haven’t been motivated to use it until now.

So this afternoon,  I reluctantly left the comfort of my air conditioned house in order to do some grilling. After spraying myself with additional insect repellent, I decided to take some pictures in honor of Memorial Day.


‘Red’ is for valor and the blood that was shed for our freedom.



‘White’ is for purity – those that fight for our freedom struggle to keep our homeland pure                                                                                                                        Blue‘Blue’ signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice 

Sitting out back on the deck, fighting off the mosquitoes and the humidity, I was once again reminded that I have nothing to complain about. I am so blessed to be free!

bandana flag

Bandana Flag Wreath

Happy Memorial Day 2016!

With Love,